英国留学生你懂什么是Critical Evaluation吗?该如何写

A critical evaluation may refer to a written essay or simply a specific mode of thinking. The main feature in either case is critical analysis, which relies on questioning beliefs or assertions. In other words, a critical evaluation tests the validity of a claim. Factors such as objectivity and reliability are thus important. When this questioning occurs in a structured written format, a critical evaluation essay results.

批判性评价可以指书面文章或简单具体的思维方式。这两个案例的主要特点是批判性分析,这取决于所讨论的信念或断言。 换言之,关键评估测试索赔的有效性。因此,客观可靠的因素是非常重要的。当这种问题以结构化的书面形式出现时,就会产生一篇重要的评价文章。

Certain traits favor a critical evaluation. For one, an individual should be a keen observer and listener, as gathering a full spectrum of information about a subject is crucial for critical evaluations. The individual should also ideally be objective, since a willingness to consider all viewpoints better equips an evaluator with the ability to evaluate those viewpoints. Perhaps most importantly, the evaluator should be flexible in his or her thinking, because studying and challenging a notion often requires revising the individual’s own beliefs and incorporating ever-changing new information.

一些特点有利于批判性评价。一方面,个人应该是一个敏锐的观察者和倾听者,因为收集关于主题的全谱信息对于批判性评估是必不可少的。 个人也应该客观,因为愿意更好地考虑所有的观点能够使评估者评估这些观点。 也许最重要的是,评价者应该在他或她的思维中灵活,因为学习和挑战一个概念通常需要修改自己的信念并且不断地改变新的信息。

Some crucial concepts inform the critical evaluation. These include the following: the clarity of an argument, its impartiality, its relevance, and its comprehensiveness. In scientific research, the validity and reliability of theories must further be met. Higher-order thinking that involves forming connections between abstract ideas and concrete applications is also a cornerstone of critical evaluations.

一些重要的概念告诉关键的评价。这些内容包括:论证的明确性、公正性、关联性和综合性。 在科学研究中,必须进一步满足理论的有效性和可靠性。高层次思维包括抽象概念与具体应用之间的联系,也是批判性评价的基石。

Challenges of a critical nature can manifest on a number of levels. For one, the evaluator must assess his or her goals in the evaluation and any possible biases that exist. The validity of the evidence used to arrive at a conclusion must also be examined, as should the sources — especially if those sources are other people — of that evidence. Finally, each possible conclusion should be evaluated with equal weight, as should any rebuttals to each conclusion.

关键挑战可以在多个层面上提出。首先,评估人员必须评估其评估目标和可能存在的偏差。 还必须审查用来得出结论的证据的有效性,特别是如果这些来源是其他来源的证据。 最后,每一个可能的结论都应该用与反驳相同的权重来评价。

Critical evaluations are abundant in everyday life. Courtroom juries often critically evaluate evidence in order to arrive at a verdict. Politicians claim to use critical evaluation in order to establish the right guidelines for a region’s citizens. Scholars and historians debate and gain insight into the past through critical analysis. Nearly every decision ever made has derived from critical evaluation. These decisions may be large-scale such as the decision to enter a war or to accept a job offer, or they can be mundane activities like choosing a sandwich or pizza topping.

批判性评价在日常生活中是丰富的。法庭陪审团经常批判性地评估证据以作出决定。 政治家们声称,他们利用批判性评估为一个地区的公民制定正确的指导方针。 学者和历史学家通过批判性分析对过去进行辩论和洞察。 几乎每一个决定都来自一个关键的评估。 这些决定可以是大规模的,例如决定战斗或接受工作,也可以是平凡的,例如选择三明治或比萨饼。

Writing a critical evaluation typically involves tackling a specific topic and questioning a commonly held assumption. For example, a typical paper might challenge the need for homework in schools. The outline of such a paper would usually include a background of the assertion and its reason for being. An evaluation might then take each point made in favor of homework and challenge its worth. In the conclusion, the essay writer might either back the supposition or reject it.

写一个批判性的评估通常涉及到解决一个特定的话题和质疑一个普遍持有的假设。 例如,一篇典型的论文可能会挑战学校对家庭作业的需求。 本文的提纲通常包括结论的背景和原因。 然后,评价可以使每一点都有益于家庭作业,并挑战其价值。 在结论中,作者既可以放弃假设,也可以拒绝假设。

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